All prom participants, regardless of age, are required to submit a parental consent form
available from
CERTIFIED. The consent form includes a definition of acceptable behavior
rules and restrictions. If at any time during a prom trip, our chauffeur observes any breach
of prom rules, he is required to terminate the trip immediately, notify the host parent and
return all participants to the point of origin. If the chauffeur receives any resistance or
argument from the participants or suspects the presence of any controlled dangerous
substance, which includes alcohol in this case, he is required to pull to the side of the road,
call the police, request a canine search of the vehicle and notify the host parent he has
done so and what his exact location is. From there the police will prosecute, to the fullest
extent of the law, any participant found to be in possession of any illegal substance. There
will be no refunds if any prom policy rule or restriction is violated.

  1. Only the students named on the consent form will be allowed in the
  2. No backpacks or large bags are allowed in the seating area of the
    limousine.  This will be at the discretion of the driver.
  3. The center divider will remain down at all times.
  4. The only stops the limousine will make are the ones listed on the approved
    trip manifest.  No additional stops will be allowed.
  5. No alcohol is allowed in the seating area of the limousine.
  6. No illegal substance’s are to be brought into the limousine.
  7. The limousine is not to exceed its seating capacity.

At Certified Limousine Service our goal is to provide safe, reliable and fun
transportation.  By following these guidelines we are sure you will enjoy your trip with
Certified Limousine Service.
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